Become a Dutch Remote Affiliate

Become an affiliate partner that promotes Dutch Remote and receive a big commission, that’s based on the value of the subscriptions.

It’s so simple:

(1) Create your account, you receive Dutch Remote marketing materials right away.
(2) Receive your own unique affiliate link. Use this link in your promotions.
(3) Successfully refer a new employer to Dutch Remote
(4) When employer purchases a subscription on Dutch Remote then:
(5) YOU receive a commission of 30% of the value of the purchased subscription.

The more employers purchase a subscription, the more commission you receive. And: the more purchases of subscriptions by employers the more we can donate to charitable organizations that combat climate change.

So become an affiliate partner of Dutch Remote NOW.


How do I sign up and get started?
Signing up is super simple! After your registration you will receive a unique partner link and we will send our marketing materials. All you have to do is add the link we sent to your web-site and social media channels.

What do you earn as an affiliate-partner?
You will receive 30% of the value of the subscription purchased by the employer on our plat-form. Because subscriptions have a duration of 1 month, you receive your earnings monthly. The payment of the commission continues for as long as the employer allows the subscription to continue.

For example:
Organization X purchases a basic package of vacancies. That’s package costs  $300 per month. When the subscription runs for 3 months you will receive (30% of $300 =) $90 per month for 3 months. That’s a total of $270

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