Dutch Remote contributes to a sustainable world. We encourage remote work, so that there is less commuter and therefore less CO2 emissions.

How? We donate 5% of our OWN income to organizations that stand up for a better climate.

By using our services as an employer you help us to contribute to combating climate change!

You influence our donations!

As an employer (and candidate) you have direct influence on the themes to which Dutch Remote donates.

Do you want Dutch Remote to donate to climate change, air pollution or energy scarcity?

You choose! When you sign up you choose one theme. We donate in proportion to your choices.

Explanation of the themes.

We are concerned about the climate change and the lack of sustainability. We focus our donations on the following themes:

  • Climate change:
    Rapid global warming threatens the survival of life and biodiversity on Earth
  • Air Pollution:
    Nearly 10% of all human deaths on Earth are caused by air pollution
  • Energy scarcity:
    940 million people have no electricity and use highly polluting fuels to meet their energy needs

Social Responsibility

We only donate to organizations that are proven to be effective and therefore really achieve results. Research shows that some organizations are a hundred times more effective than others that work on the same problem.

Dutch Remote announces yearly on this website which (charitable) organizations have received donations from Dutch Remote.

Employers can see in their personal dashboard with which amount they have indirectly (via Dutch Remote) contributed.

Please post your vacancy and contribute to sustainability and let Dutch Remote donate!