Tips for making an elevator pitch

Dutch Remote offers candidates the opportunity to present themselves in an enthusiastic, convincing and memorable way through a video elevator pitch. A picture says more than a 1000 words. So do the math on what you can say with such a video pitch…. Last but not least, 90% of employers watch a video pitch from candidates when they upload it in addition to the resume.

But what makes a good pitch? And how do you present yourself? How do you persuade the other person to choose you? We would like to help you on your way.

What is an elevator pitch?

Short but powerful, an elevator pitch is a video presentation that tells you in 1 or 2 minutes who you are, what you do and what your added value is. Don’t tell what is already in your resume. Imagine yourself standing in an elevator with the big boss of a company you dream of working for. That’s the time you get to make sure you get invited for an interview.

Are you already getting throbbing armpits at the idea? Or do you think “I’ll do that for a while, come on”? It varies from person to person. But rest assured, anyone who sets his/her sights on this will succeed in making an impression. Because say it yourself: “Who wouldn’t want you to start working in the job of your dreams with all your passion, knowledge and skills”?


What do you tell in such a pitch?

An elevator pitch consists of 5 parts:

Start with an introduction. This way you attract the attention and make sure the other person is curious about the rest of your story. This can be done by telling a fact, of which the other thinks “oh wow … I did not know that”. Or incorporate a statement, quote or provocative question into your pitch that sparks interest.

  1. Introduce yourself. What’s your name, how old are you, where do you live? Why did the job opening appeal to you that makes you apply?
  2. Tell what you can do. What do you excel at, what are the qualities and competencies you bring? What are you very good at? What is your passion?
  3. What is your added value to the company you want to work for? List accomplishments you have achieved in your current or previous job. What are your specific core qualities that you bring?
  4. What do you want to achieve? What are your ambitions you want to achieve, what attracts you within your dream job? What would you still like to learn?
  5. Conclude with a question. This could be: “Would you like to know more? Then contact me”.


Presenting naturally

The quality of communication is determined 55% by body language, 38% by our voice and only 7% by words. So important in your pitch are:

  • An active posture. For example, stand up straight, look at your listener. Also nice: walk, cycle or do something else active during your pitch, as long as you are clearly audible and visible.
  • Use your hands to add power to your words and be cheerful and upbeat.
  • Speak clearly. Alternate in intonation and pitches in your voice.
  • By the way: you can also make a pitch in which you do not directly apply for a position but only present yourself. Who knows what and happens when employers see your pitch?
  • Good luck and have fun making your pitch and above all, show the employer the best version of yourself.


We are curious about your pitch and if you want to share it with us or other candidates as inspiration, let us know at

Need inspiration yourself before you start? The search words “Job Application Pitch” or “Job Application Video” on YouTube give a wide range of examples of great pitches and lots of useful tips.