For employers: Millennials’ view of work!

Dutch Remote focuses primarily on millennials. Not for nothing, because about 50% of today’s job market is made up of millennials. There are a lot of them and they are going to be an even bigger part of your team in the future. They are even the future leaders of your company. But who are they, what are their main characteristics and what really drives a millennials?


Who are they, the millennials?

Millennials (Generation Y) are people born between roughly 1981 and 2000. So today they are between 20 and 40 years old. In many cases, they are the children of baby boom parents (born between 1946 and 1964). In terms of their behavior, they differ a lot from previous generations. This means that as an employer you have to deal with a millennial very differently from a baby boomer.

Not every millennial is the same, of course, but broadly speaking there are 6 characteristics:


True techies

Millennials are known to have grown up in a period of unprecedented technological advancement. It is this generation that made the transition to computers, the Internet, social media and smartphones. This makes them much more comfortable with technology than previous generations. They use computers and smartphones as tools to enrich and simplify their lives and cannot live without them. Millennials are helping companies advance in technological development.


Work-life balance

A millennial values a clear work-life separation. Millennials like flexibility and freedom. They expect to be able to work from home at least a few days a week and that completing a task on time and properly is much more important than an obligation to be present at the office. Working in the evening once instead of during the day is therefore not a problem for a millennial.

Curious job hoppers

Millennials grew up in a stimulating environment, due in part to the rise of the Internet, new digital applications and technologies. As a result, the world has actually become a small village. They quickly see and hear what things are like at other employers, and what other employers can contribute to personal and professional development. And that is precisely what sparks unprecedented curiosity in millennials.

Millennials literally crave new experiences. As an employer, you must make an effort to attract and retain millennials. The drive for development offers many benefits! Millennials bring with them many different experiences, bringing a new perspective to your company.



Millennials are social people par excellence: equal and open working relationships are important. They are articulate and want to be able to share everything with colleagues. They have absolutely no problem with leadership and decisiveness, but at the same time expect an equal relationship. “Authority” is really something from the last century in the eyes of the millennial.


Advancement opportunities

When millennials apply somewhere, they want to know in advance what advancement opportunities the company has to offer. Therefore, make it clear what advancement or development opportunities your company has to offer. Millennials are ambitious. Doing the same job for 20 years without personal and/or professional growth is probably not one of them.



Millennials are characterized as a generation with a strong focus on connecting with their environment. They are passionate and driven, want to achieve in their work and are highly development-oriented. The millennial wants to be challenged and is looking for new knowledge and skills. They are flexible and focused and work hard. A true asset in multidisciplinary projects.


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