Want to know what a “Workation Expert” does? Meet Monique from Dutch Remote now!

I found Dutch Remote through Instagram. And after reading about Dutch Remote’s ambitions, I immediately got excited to register myself as a job seeker. I really like how they are responding to the changing market, with more Remote and Hybrid working, and provide a great platform to connect employers and job seekers. My experiences with Dutch Remote so far have been very pleasant. And what is extra cool is that Dutch Remote gives me the opportunity to put myself in the spotlight. Check out my story below! With my motto, I want to get you thinking: “We dont’s remember days, we remember moments”.


Hello, I am Monique Donkersloot. By nature: active and sporty, with a talent for organizing, observing, analyzing and listening. In addition, I love traveling and photography. And because of my curiosity and enthusiasm I often and very spontaneously meet nice people. Together with my partner I live in Flevoland.

Work experience

With the Graphic MTS in my backpack, I stepped in ’85 into the adventures of the emerging IT industry, later becoming the ICT industry, in various roles (including as account manager and service delivery manager). Meanwhile, with the digital transformation to the Cloud, there are plenty of new movements going on in this market. What particularly inspires me are the creative solutions that arise thanks to AI and machine learning.

Through my current employer, who introduced Hybrid Work in 2008, I rolled into it, so to speak. And about ten years later I discovered opportunities in Remote working and since the Corona era I’ve only started doing it more often. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad I saw opportunities to push my boundaries, both literally and figuratively.

My future?

I see it primarily as a “bridge builder”: advising clients and supporting them in their ambitions, building that bridge to a successful future. Preferably in a part-time role, because after having worked full-time for many years, I now want to give more space to my passion for photography and writing. I see myself completely fitting in an advisory, organizing and/or facilitating role within an enthusiastic team at a modern and international company.

I also see opportunities in a ‘combination role’, where I can use my photography expertise more broadly.

This was very briefly something about myself, my background and ambitions. Are you curious about more or do you see possibilities, please contact me. A TEAMS conversation is easily arranged!


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Warm and spontaneous greetings from Europe,